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How it all Started!

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life. – Michael Palin

Wowww, okay so my first blog post, pretty exciting stuff. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for as long as I can remember, but only just plucked up the courage to dive in. So here I am, sat on my sofa on a snow day (the perks of working at a school!). I’m still in my PJ’s and Netflix has asked if I am still watching.. three times.

This is the beginning of my online adventure, sure I have loads of fun escapades, running around travelling like a headless chicken, not really sure what I’m doing, but I wanted to share them and felt like this was the perfect opportunity. So here I am, ignoring the washing up that needs to be done, pouring myself a glass of wine and starting my first blog post.

When did it all begin?

I can remember exactly the time I knew I wanted to travel the world. I was about 8 years old, my parents were driving us to see my Auntie and Cousins in Cork, Ireland. I looked out at the scenery, the green fields and sunshine calling out to me in the Irish countryside, this was a place I had never experienced before, and I still don’t believe I’ve seen enough!

No, actually, it was the time I’d gone for a walk in my hometown, Scarborough, England and looked out to sea, and thought ‘I wonder whats out there, there’s got to be more than this sea-side town?’. I must have only been about 12, and at that time I dreamed of being a air hostess cross professional ballerina when I was older (both of which I would still quite like to give a go??).

Thinking about it, it was the time I travelled to Tanzania and had my 15th birthday on top of the Usambara Mountains? I treated myself to a packet of custard cremes from the very limited shop in the town we were staying in, and thought that life couldn’t get much better. (I later found out that my birthday custard cremes were infested with ants… but oh well!)

So, actually, I suppose I cant remember an ‘exact’ point I realised I wanted to travel the world, I lied. However, in fairness, I believe I was born with an instinct for it, the constant need to see whats out there in the big wide world. Keep up with my blog to find out how I got stuck in quicksand in Cork, got EVERYTHING stolen in Greece (yep even my passport!) or had a close encounter with an alligator that I just didn’t see (oops!) in Tanzania.

Stay tuned to find out How to Travel the World – or Not!?

Elle Louise



  • Rowena Daniels

    This is a great start. I am smiling while reading this!

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  • Carol

    Today relatable! I could have wrote the exact same with my life but with different places. I’m from Sunderland and used to travel to Scarborough to walk along the promenade with my parents and brothers lol. It always rained and i was so miserable i lined to be somewhere warmer lol.
    Good luck with your blog 🙂

    • Carol

      Pre-empting text! I meant Totally* not today.

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Hahah yep the promenade has lovely views! Me too – always looking out to sea with the idea of heading away to somewhere new! Always knew I was meant for bigger things!😊

  • lifejourney4two

    Brilliant start to your blog Elle – love your sense of humour that’s coming through 🙂

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