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My Complete Bucket List

This is my Complete Bucket List, I will edit this as I go and I’m sure I will add to it! Obviously, the dream is to go to every country, but for the sake of not boring people, I’ve stuck down just my top destinations! If I’ve already visited, I’ll cross it out and try and be more specific about where I went. If I just put the country down I’m wanting to see as much as possible, or you’ll see if there is a particular place I want to go.

Complete Bucket List ~

The List…

New Zealand

America ~ San Francisco (check out about my time here!)



Greece ~ Zakynthos (read about how I got everything stolen in Zakynthos, even my passport!)



Cook Islands

Northern Ireland

Sri Lanka ~ Complete Bucket List ~

Sri Lanka


Greece ~ Santorini

Africa ~ Tanzania (Read about my close call with a crocodile in Tanzania here!)

Indonesia ~ Bali

America ~ New York

Vietnam ~ Complete Bucketlist ~



Hong Kong

Turkey ~ Atlanta/Side



Germany – Frankfurt


Iceland – Blue Lagoon

France ~ Montpelier (I’ve been to parts of France but would love to go here!)


So, that’s the bucket list…

I hope to visit all those destinations ASAP, and will be going to a lot of them in 2019! I will then add more destinations as I travel around. Where is on your bucket list? Any recommendations regarding the places I’m wanting to go? I’d love to hear your thoughts & opinions in the comments below!

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Elle Louise




  • Jess

    This is a fab bucket list you have some amazing places on here! I’ve been to Zante and loved it but it’s the only place in Greece I’ve visited and I’d love to do Santorini it looks so beautiful there! New York is also on my bucket list but my next trip to America has to be Florida (I’ve only been once and that was to Vegas). My fiancé would love to go to Fiji, his Grandad was actually Fijian so hopefully I’ll be able to take him one day!

    Jess //

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      That sounds amazing! I’d love any excuse to head over to Fiji right away, although my flights are already booked to head there during my RTW trip, so just got to wait now! And booked for NYC in the summer, would looove to go to Florida too though!xx

  • Cheyenne

    Great destinations – My bucket list is the entire world lol. Some of the top places on my list are Thailand, Iceland, Singapore, Bali, Ireland, Austrailia, and Ghana. I would recommend going to Nova Scotia, Montreal, and Toronto, such beautiful cities. I hope you get to visit every country on your list.

    xo, Cheyenne//

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Hahahah mine is too, though for the sake of not boring everyone I tried to limit it! Iceland is a massive one for me, sure I love beaches but I just think Iceland looks so majestic!

  • Sophie

    You have some amazing places on your travel bucket list & have already visited so many amazing places! I would love to visit San Fransisco!
    I also really want to go to Santorini one day as it looks so pretty, I best get saving haha 🙂 x

  • Billie Reay

    This post has made me really want to start my own bucket list! I and my boyfriend are obsessed with travelling, we even have a scratch map each!

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      You should totally do it! It’s so satisfying to cross them off! I love scratch maps too, I ended up getting a 3D scratch map globe!

  • MJ

    So lovely the amount of places you’ve been so far! I love bucket list posts it inspires me to travel. I hope to go to Thailand, Paris, and Spain and so much more! I hope you get to all your destinations!

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Hahah me too! Also makes me better with my saving looking at how many places I need to save up for!! Paris is amazing, and the few places I’ve been to in spain have been great, though I’d suggest trying to get out of the tourist traps! x

  • Bianca

    You’ve been to a lot of great places so far! When you do go to Japan or New Zealand, I’d love to read about your trip! For me personally, I would love to visit Japan, Italy, and Peru. I’m not sure when those trips will happen, but it’s definitely some countries I’d love to go to. Continue having fun and sharing your experiences!

  • Adrienne Randle

    Nice list!! I also want to go to Bali, New Zealand Thailand. I’m not much of a traveler at all lol but I love hearing other’s travel stories and places they’d like to visit.

  • Graceful Glamour UK

    Oh wow some absolutely amazing places on this list hun! Look forward to hearing of your travels xx

  • Jenny

    So many amazing places! France is top on my list!

  • Angel

    This list makes my wanderlust burn! Love the places you put on the list ~

  • Gretchen Holzgang

    Such a fun list! Im only about a third through my own bucklist. I can’t think of any thing that’s been as valuable in life as the lessons I’ve learn by traveling

  • Sarah

    Lots of great places on your list! I have so many places on my list as well. Ireland, UK, Paris, France, Italy, Fiji, Australia, Ireland, America-Seattle. There’s so much beauty to see, can’t wait to read more about your traveling adventures 🙂

  • Ellyn Rebecca

    I would love to do some more travelling and explore the world more! I’ve been to Australia but that was when I was 10 and I’m 22 now so I really want to go back and explore it all again and go to other parts too! I also want to explore more of Europe too – this list has inspired me to make my own!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  • Zino

    I’ve never been much of a traveler but as I evolve, i’m obsessed with exploring the world and life in general as much as possible.
    Fab bucket list here, Santorini and Japan are sure on my list. Love and light ❤️

  • Bex

    Brilliant, I love reading other people’s bucket lists, grows my wanderlust even more!

    I wrote my own a couple of months ago & love ticking new places off & adding photos!


  • Jessica

    Amazing bucket list !! Traveling and adventuring is always so much fun!! I wanna go to a few of those places myself!💜💕

  • Alice V-DIYerfy

    I do need to make one of my own. My husband and I talked about it a year ago and we still haven’t put one together.

  • Treasured Travels

    This is such a great bucket list! Would 100% recommend Vietnam and Sri Lanka, two of my favourite countries xx

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Thank you! I’ve already booked my flights to those two for late 2019! So excited! xx

      • Treasured Travels

        That’s so exciting! Let me know if you need any tips at all closer to the time 🙂 I’ve written a few blog posts on them too! You’ll love them both xx

        • EleanorLGriffiths

          Yes! I’ll have to pop over to your blog to check them out! Thank you!

  • Alisha Farrell

    Ahh I love this bucket list. There’s so many beautiful places I’d love to see. I’ve also wrote a post on my incompleted bucket list. Xx

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Thank you! I’ll have to check it out and see if it gives me any more ideas! 😊 xx

  • Tintin

    I saw New York on your bucket list. We were there in February for a 3-day weekend and we had so much fun. If you don’t mind checking out my post about our New York itinerary, I would really appreciate it.
    Great bucket list! Ours is mainly just going to different US cities for now, while our kids are young, then we also plan to travel the world.

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      I’m heading to New York in August so I will definitely have to check it out! Thank you!

  • Abbie

    This has made me want to right my down! New York, Bali, Vietnam – to be honest most of these are on mine! Great post ☺️

  • Rachel Lelliott

    We have a very similar travel bucket list! if you’re ever in North Queensland, Australia I can give you some tips and places to check out as a local

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