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Travel Budgeting – The Ultimate Guide – Part 1 – Accommodation

As a lot of you may know, I’m currently saving up for my Round The World Trip (you can check out my saving tips & tricks here). There’s a lot to take into consideration:

  • Accommodation Costs
  • Flight Costs
  • Travel Costs
  • Food Costs
  • Activities Costs

With all this to consider, lots of people have been asking how I know how much I need to budget, or how I set my saving goals! Part of this answer is obviously as much as possible, but at the same time it’s so much more than that! I want to give you as much information as possible, so I’ve broken this topic into a mini-series, in order to not overwhelm you with information. This first section is about researching accommodation.

Map ~ Ultimate Travel Budgeting ~ Accommodation

What will I be talking about in this post?

Well, how are you supposed to know how much accommodation costs in a particular place if you’ve never been to said country before AND you don’t research? I’m going to break down exactly what I use to research accommodation in countries ahead of my Round the World trip! I’m going to get stuck in and cut the BS, so be prepared to take a lot of information away from this!

Accommodation research with Lonely Planet

I use lonely planet website allllllll the time, simply search for the country you are going too, and scroll to the ‘In Detail’ section. Here you will see a subsection called ‘planning tools’ and for most countries I’ve looked for, there is a ‘Money and Costs’ link. This will then take you to a page where you’re given all sorts of information, including the currency, the daily costs and extras like bargaining guidelines (if applicable) and ATM usage.

When I get to this page, I look at this for a rough idea of how much to expect to spend on accommodation. However, take this broadly as a lot can differ in a country, for example, if you’re wanting to stay in the centre of a capital city in the middle of high season, you’re going to find it more expensive than a less touristy area in low season! You can check out the Lonely Planet ‘Money and Costs’ page here.

Accommodation with Hammock

Accommodation research with Air BnB

Air BnB has some amazingly different accommodation, it’s a must use for any travellers not on a complete shoestring budget. Be careful to always double check the extra fee’s though! Often it will say £15 a night for example, but then when you click on the accommodation there might be a a cleaning fee of £10, making it actually more expensive than you first realised. However, even with these fees (which not all of the accommodations have!) there are plenty of affordable places to stay!

If you’ve not already, sign up to Air BnB using my link here to get £25 of travel credit when you register! (I also get travel credit towards my accommodation bookings if/when you book a stay, but at no extra cost to you!)

Accommodation research with is another great way to look at how much you should budget for accommodation whilst you’re away! The main reason I love is the fact that nearly all of the accommodation on the site come with free cancellation and no payment until the date. This means you could book accommodation weeks in advance for where you believe you will be in that time, but not pay anything until you get there and if your plans change, you can simply cancel the booking and not pay anything!

Check out here – this is an affiliate link, meaning if you make a booking I get a cut of commission, but this is at no extra cost to you! 

I use these two websites by looking at how much accommodation generally costs in the place I am travelling too (I usually try and put in rough dates, as often accommodation prices can go up/down during peak seasons, so this gives a more accurate price range). I’m also a massive fan of the filters such as max per night and lowest price to highest price ordering, meaning you don’t fall in love with somewhere completely out of your budget!

Having organised the results from ‘low to high’ I then look at accommodation I’d be happy to stay in, and how much that costs. I then look at some slightly more expensive ones, and create a budget scale! For example, in certain areas of Thailand, my budget is £7-15 per night, so we have the option to go with lower accommodation if we have spent slightly over our daily budget before, or if we fancy a splurge, we know how much to spend for a mid-range accommodation.

You can now read part 2 here! 

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Travel Budgeting Part One Accommodation

Elle Louise




  • Nicola

    This is a great post. I love Lonely Planet and I’ve never actually used Air BnB but I’m not averse to trying it. I love travelling and getting a bargain so like to research before I go.

  • Kelsey

    This is such a great post!! I am looking forward to the next post 🙂

  • Amy

    This really makes me just want to drop my bags and get going!
    Need to do some rethinking 🙂

  • George Platt

    Great post, tonnes of good stuff to think about while planning any trip!

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