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Travel Budgeting – The Ultimate Guide – Part 2 – Flights

I’ve previously started a mini-series, all about how I prepare (and currently am preparing!) budgets for travels to cities and countries I’ve never visited before. Here I talk about all my tips and tricks for booking the best and cheapest flights, in my Ultimate Travel Budgeting Guide on Flights! (You can read part 1, which is all about accommodation here!)

Travel Budgeting Ultimate Guide Flights

One. Incognito is your new best friend!

How many times do you find a cheap flight, then go back to book it a couple of hours or days later and it’s so much more expensive that it was before!? This is so annoying, but recently I’ve found out that this is because of the information your browser/internet saves from your searches/websites you visit! If you visit a flight search engine and search for flights say to Croatia (yes pleaseeee) then if you re-visit this sight, its assumed you reaaally want those tickets.Therefore, the price will go up, this might only be by £5/£10 but its a shame to have to pay it just for the sake of it!

This is where incognito or private mode comes in, using a private window means that none of the data, such as what you searched for, is stored! Meaning you can revisit this again and again, and the price should stay the same! (Unless the airline itself actually increases the price of the tickets!) So be sure to always search for flights in an Incognito (Google Chrome) or InPrivate (Internet Explorer) windows!

For example, I was looking at flights to Oslo in June, the second time I looked these flights were supposedly £7 more expensive! But as soon as I went in an Incognito browser, they were back to the price I had first seen them!

Two. Stop-overs aren’t the worst!

I used to think of stop overs as an extra annoyance – I didn’t want to have to sort accommodation or just hang out in the airport for how ever long. But! Think, if it doesn’t matter if you take an extra day or so to get to your destination, think of this as a free mini holiday! When I went to Tanzania I have a two night stop-over in Dubai, rather than doing nothing, me and my friends went out and explored the area around us and the cheap hotel we had booked!

What I’m saying is, if you have the opportunity to spend a few hours having a look around a new place you’ve never been, or wouldn’t think of going too, make the most of it!

Travel Budgeting Ultimate Guide Flights

Three. Skyscanner

If you haven’t heard of it by now, which I’m sure you have, Skyscanner is your one stop shop for flights. Think along the lines of compare the market but in the world of flights! They also branch out and do hotels I think now, but I use this predominately for flights!

I’m not saying always book your flights through skyscanner, but it’s a great tool to use to get a idea of how much a flights cost. Me and my partner J used this to plan where we wanted to go on our Round The World Trip, to make sure it seemed affordable first. Once we had worked this out and it seemed reasonable, we actually booked through STA Travel (a great company for gap years & round the world trips!)

I also use Skyscanner to have a look at the price of domestic flights, like Bangkok to Krabi, to add that into our budget so we don’t forget we have to pay for them too!

Travel Budgeting Ultimate Guide – Flights

That rounds up my top tips for flights, I live by these when booking flights and they’ve saved me a fortune! Think, every £20 you save could be another night in a hotel! I hope they help and let me know if you have any questions!

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Elle Louise




  • Chloe

    Learning about incognito has actually changed my life! Just this morning I was booking flights after spending yesterday searching for them, I forgot to go incognito at first and they’d gone up £7! Luckily I remembered again before booking xx

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      It’s crazy how much difference it can make!😂 I’m glad you remembered girl! xx

  • Catriona

    Great post! So “incognito ” is google chrome??

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Yeah! If you’re on the google chrome browser on a laptop/computer, press the button that looks like three dots on the right of the address bar and click ‘open incognito window’!

  • Jess

    Your posts are always super helpful! I didn’t know about incognito either but I’ll definitely remember next time I’m looking at flights! I haven’t ever used skyscanner as we’ve always booked package holidays but I’ll definitely look into it in the future! Thanks girl!
    Jess //

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      No worries girl! I find booking my holidays with separate flights and hotel usually cheaper – though there are loads of bonuses to booking package ones definitely! 😊 but have a look next time you’re thinking of booking one, you’ll be surprised how much you can save 😊 x

  • Natasha

    Incognito is a life saver! And I agree about the layovers – I’m off to New Zealand in September, and I’m researching longer layovers – even 12 hours in one city you’ll get to see more than you would if you’re only there for four hours!

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Yeah exactly! If you don’t have a short amount of time to squeeze in your travels it’s soooo worth having a longer layover! X

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