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Round The World Trip – Greece Itinerary

In September 2019, me and J will embark on our first Round The World trip together. Yes, it’s a long way away, but it means we are able to save up more as J is in his last year of uni and only working part time, and I don’t have the best wage, but I don’t mind as I love my job! We also wanted to take longer to save so we could be a little more comfortable as we travel. We are by no means going to splash out much, we are still wanting to travel on a budget, but it gives us a little more freedom to go with a the flow! So, here is our Greece itinerary!

Travel Plans for Greece

A little bit of an odd one, but our flights that we have booked through STA Travel start from Greece. We haven’t booked any from the U.K. yet, as we are wanting to see if we have any extra pennies to do a little bit of Eurpoe first. I figured starting with our flight from Athens to Sri Lanka gives us more flexibility first! There are no particularly solid plans for Greece as of yet, other than we are flying in and out from Athens. We might be there 3 nights we might be there 3 weeks, in terms of itinerary for this country, it is super flexible. So if you have any ideas or recommendations let me know in the comments or by contacting me here!


I’d love to start in Santorini, I have been to one island in Greece before, Zakynthos, but my dream has always been to see the white and blue buildings and beautiful beaches of the island. I can’t wait to head to this island, I’ve got pretty high hopes from all the pictures and posts I’ve seen, I imagine some gram-worthy beaches and insta-pretty buildings.


After helping teach all about the Ancient Greeks at work, I am obsessed with going to see the Parthenon and the Acropolis. I am not normally one to go to touristy places, I try and avoid them usually (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with going to see the tourist hot-spots, I just really struggle with big crowds, especially big crowds in hot weather!). But I feel like I can’t go to Athens without seeing these amazing sites! Also, J is really into his history and archaeology, so I will definitely try my best to cope because I know he’ll want to see it!

That’s about it..

We don’t have hugely elaborate plans in Greece, and I’m sure my future Round the World Trip Itinerary posts for our other destinations will be more exciting! Please, if you have any recommendations for Greece what we can do and see (on a budget!) please let me know!

Elle Louise




  • Jess

    I’ve always wanted to visit Santorini it looks so beautiful! I’ve been to Zante once and absolutely loved it, I also got to spend a day in Athens on the way home (the plane had to emergency land and we were stuck there but that’s a whole other story!) Our hotel they put us in was just up the road from the really old Olympic stadium so that was good to see!

    Jess //

  • Lifejourney4two

    We spent about 2 and a half months in Greece – the Peloponnese was beautiful- particularly Monemvasia.
    Also a spectacular area is Meteora – where there are amazing monasteries perched on the top of pinnacles.
    Have a fantastic trip 😊

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Amazing stuff, will have to make sure I look into those! Thank you! X

  • Maria

    I’d love to recommend you some places!Trust me it’s worth staying here as much as you can! Even though Santorini isn’t the most budget-friendly choice, it’s absolutely worth seeing first hand! Granted that you stay a day or two in Athens to see the sights, I have some places I’d recommend. City nights are beautiful at Marina zeas, Akropolis,Plaka and Mount of Lycabettus! Just google them and you’ll see what I mean!

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      That’s great, thank you so much I will definitely look into all those places!

  • Jason

    I’ve only been to Greece once and that was to Thessaloniki which is in the North of Greece. It’s a nice city and isn’t too touristy but might be a little further away from the other parts of Greece you want to visit. Sounds like an exciting trip though, can’t wait to see your final itinerary πŸ™‚

  • Aimsy

    There are so many beautiful places to visit in Greece…try and see as much as you can whilst you are there. Skiathos is beautiful, as is Kefalonia, Crete, Rhodes, Lesvos. Too many to choose from!
    Have fun planning your trip!

    Aimsy xoxo

  • Ana M.

    I have not yet been to Greece but it is on my list.. especially Santorini! It seems like such a romantic gataway to enjoy as a couple!

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      It’s one of the places I’m most excited for definitely!

  • Lucy

    I went from Athens to Paros then onto Naxos and then onto Santorini. 2 and half weeks for hotels and all transport inluding flights to and from the UK cost me £230. If you have a look at some of the smaller islands which are beautiful you will be suprised how cheap accomodation is and ferries 😊

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