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reasons to travel - York

I’ve been to York many, many times, I wanted to try go to lesser known, independent places this time around. There are gorgeous parts to York that you should definitely go to; The Minster, The River Ouse etc. But read on to find out about myweekend in York, as well as the ‘off the beaten path’ places we found to visit! 

One. The Shambles Kitchen

I’ve been to this place plenty of times, so it’s not new to me, but it’s crazy how many places don’t know about it! It’s in the city centre, just next to The Shambles Market, and is a secluded little spot full of street food and music. The food changes regularly, though the crepe place has been there for a good few months (so may possibly be permanent?), but there are usually great different cuisines and choices; pizza, burritos, burgers, Indian just to name a few whilst I was there. There are also always a good few selections of veggie, GF and vegan options, meaning it caters for people with different tastes and requirements!

Two. York Cocoa Works

This was a little spot me and J stumbled upon without even meaning too! We had been for a walk along the river and found ourselves being enticed to go in with the promise of free chocolate (which we had loads of!). Being free to go in, it’s a great place to see and learn about the making of chocolate, a lot of which was there for you to taste also! There are windows into the factory section, so you’re able to see the chocolate being made first hand, as well as a small cafe you can have a lovely array of chocolate treats and hot drinks! There are also loads and loads of tours and chocolate making classes I would of definitely taken part in one if we had longer!    

Three. Sutlers

Sutlers was an amazing find, not hidden at all as it’s right in the centre, on the corner on one of the main roads in York! It might be well known by people from York, though for visitors, I feel like it’s not as heard of! With over 100 gins, (which was music to my ears!) it was a perfect place to go for cover in the heat! There are loads of rooms for either food or just a drink, as well as an upstairs cocktail bar, it’s a great little place! The food looked amazing and if we hadn’t just eaten, we said we’d of definitely of tried it! I love Sloemotion gins, and don’t find them many places, so was extremely happy to see they had a few of them in their huge array!

Four. Ate O’clock

We spotted Ate O’clock whilst wandering around the city, the little snicket leading down to the bistro and restaurant was filled with fairy lights. We instantly booked it through open table for that evening. The outdoor eating area was just as lovely, heaters in case it got cool and the walls decorated with different clocks all displaying the time 8 o’clock, which I thought was a lovely little addition! The food was amazing, I had the lamb and J had the salmon, both of which were lovely, they also did cocktail and gin deals which went down a treat! We said we will definitely be going back in our next trip to York, I would definitely recommend this place if you have the time!

Five. The Duke of York

The Duke of York is a lovely little pub, right off the end of the shambles, through the day I believe they do food, but do a great range of drinks, from Leeds Brewery ales to whiskeys to wines! With seats on the ground and first floor, there are plenty of room for a pub that looks tiny and small from the outside! The Duke of York is a great mix of modern and old, with beams and wooden accents, but a bit more modern than a regular ‘old’ pub. This place was lovely for a drink (mine was a gin again, shock!)

Six. The Habit

The Habit is an amazing place, me and J stopped off for a coffee on our way into the city. Serving breakfasts to coffees to a huge variety of alcohol, these can be enjoyed on a balcony with a gorgeous view of the minster. This was the perfect place to start our second day, I love small, ‘different’ places like this, they’re really my cup of tea, and it was a bonus that the person behind the bar (possibly the owner?) was really lovely! This was perfect end to our couples weekend in York!


In between these we mooched around, grabbed Ice cream from a boat on the river, walked round the museum gardens, had a look at the minster and lots more. York is, and will always be one of my favourite places I’ve been too, and me and J both said we would move their in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose, so fingers crossed!

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Elle Louise




  • Dan

    Really helpful advice. My other half has family in Yorkshire so we’ll be visiting the area soon, so I’ll definitely refer to this when I’m up there 😀

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Great! I hope you have a lovely time & can’t wait to see what you do up here!

  • Neve Smith

    I love York and I’ve never heard of any of these places! It just goes to show I stick around the same old places each time i go! I defo need to branch out to some of these the next time im there! Fab post lovely x
    Neve |

  • Tyas

    I never knew these places before and they sound like great places to visit! I definitelly want to go to York Cocoa Works to see how the chocolate is made first-hand. It kind of reminds me of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! (∩_∩)

    Tyas |

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      It was lovely! I’m going to edit the post & add the websites (if they have one) in so people can check out where to find them etc! X

  • Megan

    These look like such fab places! York is so so beautiful but I think people might miss these little gems off the beaten track so thank you for sharing! Fingers crossed for you that you one day get to live there!! P.s. Love the new logo 🙂

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Totally! I think it’s so important to look for the ‘less well known’ places when you’re in a big city – you can end up finding some amazing places! Haha thank you so much girl! 🙌🏼.

  • I need to get back to York at some point, I used to go there loads as a kid and went for my friends hen do!

  • chloe

    York always seems like such an interesting place! Great post x

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