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3 Must Do’s in Belfast – May 2018

Me and J recently spent 5 days in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we spent time with family and friends, eating out and adventuring! We didn’t do as much ‘exploring’ as we probably would have if we weren’t their to see J’s family, however, we still spent lots of time exploring the inner city and outskirts! Read on to find out what we got up too and my recommendations!

Belfast Norther Ireland

One. Belfast City Hall (& Markets!)

Luckily, we got to see the Belfast City Hall in all it’s glory, with its grounds full of markets! I love stumbling upon markets, you’ll never know what you’ll find, let alone the amazing market food! We did about 13 laps of the place, picking up some churros (topped with nutella and strawberry, obviously) the first time round. Second time round we spent looking around the lovely craft stalls, the homemade soaps and handmade wooden furniture, and the third (and fourth and fifth, sixth…) was spent deciding what market food we wanted to eat. There was so much to try, duck pancakes, noodles, huge burgers and topped chips, though J settled on a Yorkshire pudding hog roast wrap and I had a wonderful chicken Moroccan dish. I would really suggest going to see the City Hall, (markets or not!) as the building is beautiful and in dead centre of the city!

Two. Streamvale farm

This was one of my favourite day, I’m such a country girl at heart! This farm was amazing, from having lambs and kids (as in baby goats..) to feed my bottle, as well as feeding the rabbits, there was so much to see! We had great fun looking at the pigs, chickens and turkeys, as well as the horses, calves and alpacas. My absolute favourite part was the field of puppies, I’m talking two black Lab puppies, and 5 Jack Russel crosses that you could just go and play with! And if you didnt get enough cuddles there you could go and cuddle the rabbits and hold the chicks. Such a lovely hands on farm, if you’re a family (or two 21/22 year old’s and J’s mum!) I would really suggest it, just over £7 in each and we were there for hours!

Three. Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens were beautiful! Up near Queens University buildings, about ten minutes from the city centre, there was so much greenery, gardens and fields! We took a particular interest in a lovely old dome shaped building made of glass, filled with green plants from all over the world, it was so warm it felt like we had suddenly stepped into a jungle! In the gardens themselves there are plenty of interesting sculptures as ice creams vans (which are always welcomed!). Really worth a visit as you can easily stroll down into the city centre, past lots of places to stop for a coffee or a drink!

I hope you enjoyed my top three things to do in Belfast, Northern Ireland! I love the city and would happily live there someday!

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3 Must Do's in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Elle Louise




  • Emily

    That Bunny! A-adorablez❤️ Great ideas Darling! xoxo

  • Melissa

    Thanks for your tips! I always wanted to visit Belfast. Now I’ve got some extra reasons to do so 😉

  • Abbie

    Great post! That rabbit 🐰 😍 I’ve never been to Belfast, but will have to add it to my list!

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Honestly it was so cute!! It’s a lovely city😊 x

  • Alexandra Stravato

    What a great post! Your comments and advice make me desperate to go to Belfast! My parents went to Ireland last year and I’m dying to get to the beautiful country, myself! Amazing job on your blog! XO!

  • Neve Smith

    A field of puppies, I’m sorry but I’m sold! That is all I need! It sounds like such a lovely time away!! Each activity sounds like such a blast! Great post lovely! x

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      It was honestly the best! Thanks so much girl! x

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