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Leeds Gin Festival – 2018

Are you already a gin lover? Or are you interested in the latest craze in the alcohol market? Either way, you would be able to find a new gin to love at the Gin Festival. With a huge array of gins, from London dry to sweet gin liqueurs, there was (and is!) something for everyone whether you’re a gin connoisseur, or wanting to try and find a new tipple.

I was invited along to Leeds Gin Festival, and funnily enough I’d actually been looking at going along before the invitation! I’ve been a gin lover for a fair while now, at university it was the norm to buy whatever was cheap or on offer, where as now in my ‘adult’ life, I actually enjoy spending a little more on a drink. I genuinely do believe with gin you can really tell the difference between a supermarket own brand and a bottle you’ve payed a little more for!

Leeds Gin Festival 2018

Leeds Gin Festival 2018 saw 6000+ people visit, over a 3 day period. I love the way Gin Festival do it, there was a Friday evening, Saturday day, Saturday evening and Sunday day session, meaning there was time for everyone to visit! It was the Gin Festival’s 6th time in Leeds, which saw them bring masterclasses, gin cocktails, the ‘ Gin Shop’ accompanied by live music and gorgeous street food!

Using a ‘pay for tokens and use the tokens to pay for a drink’ was a great way of taking the hassle out of waiting for change etc, as it was pretty busy! But there were specific places to buy tokens, and when you went to your choice of 4 bars, it was a case of 1 token equalled 1 drink! I loved this as it really meant there was no messing about with change at the bar, making the whole experience more relaxed! Also, everyone who enters the festival gets a free ‘Gin Festival’ glass – bonus!

Lone Wolf Materclass

The Lone Wolf Spirits masterclass was great, learning about their new products as well as hearing about their current products and how they came to be. Based up in Scotland, their gin is infused with juniper berries and grapefruit and lemon peel, as well as much more, in a sleek and very ‘instagramable’ bottle! This was easily one of my favourite gins of the night, and it was even nicer they let us try a little for free!

Tinker Gin Masterclass

Easily one of the funniest parts of the night, the Tinker Gin spokesperson had us all laughing. The founders of Tinker Gin are also the founders of the Gin Festival, so they really know what they’re doing when it comes to this particular spirit. The gin itself was lovely, with quite large hints of citrus and a lovely taste of elderberry, and makes a great G&T with your favourite tonic! They also have two flavoured gins; Tinker Pink (strawberry) and Tinker Violet.

A Night at the Gin Festival

The evening I had here was easily one of my favourite evenings I’ve had this year, me and J had a lovely time exploring and learning (as well as tasting some G&Ts obviously!) but there truly is something for everyone! Be sure to have a look at the Gin Festival’s Website as there are plenty  more cities and dates on the tour this year, so be sure to get your tickets booked!

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Elle Louise




  • Alice v

    Sounds like fun, my favorite is Hendricks gin (Scottish). It’s great in all kinds of mixes.

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Hendricks is a lovely gin!

  • Shannon Wilson

    Sounds like a great day out and I absolutely love a good GnT!
    Shannon xx

  • George Platt

    Great article, there should be a Gin festival in every city! 🙂

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