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Life Update – November 2018

I haven’t written on my blog in weeks, it’s been soo long! So I thought I’d give a little insight as to where I am with my life, my blog, and what I hope to do in the near future. 

What I’ve been up too.. 

So, recently what haven’t I been up too? Other than blogging.. I’ve had all my friends back in my home city, my best gal now lives over the road from me (takes approx. 2 mins from my door to her’s, if that isn’t bestie goals I don’t know what is!). A lot of my other friends are now back at uni, meaning I get to see them way more than I did over summer, and meaning I’m spending a lot less time in my flat (and therefore a lot less time blogging!)

I’ve been catching up on weekends, going for drinks, bowling, ice skating, impromptu bingo nights, going for coffees, smoothies, lunches and going out! (We had the best Halloween night out outfits right??? Those wibbly wobbly men you see outside car washes!)

All this has been amazing, and to top it off, my anxiety has taken a back seat as I’ve had lots less time to become anxious and over think about everything (and nothing… and everything in between!). I really am a people person, and I’m as much as I love cosying up on my sofa on a weeknight, I can’t wait for weekends to see everyone!

Mental Health Update

I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder back in July, and have had a hard time coming to terms with it. I would never allow myself to say I was anxious or that I  ‘had anxiety’ before I was diagnosed, I was always of the idea that ‘other people had it worse and I was probably over reacting’. I think that was a lot to do with my degree in psychology, I knew how crippling it can be for others, I didn’t think it was a big deal for me. But this changed once I began to start feeling sick with panic quite regularly, and often was stuck on the toilet with stress about being late (even though I wasn’t going to be) or about having to ask my boss a question (even though she is lovely and this would never be an issue!). It took all the courage I could muster to call the doctors and book an appointment (I cried before I had even pressed ‘call’ with worry they wouldn’t take me seriously!)

After my diagnosis, and realising it’s okay for me to feel like this, I have been a lot easier on myself, which I feel like has really helped. I have worked on techniques to calm myself when I get overwhelmed, practising deep breathing & thinking about all the things I’m grateful for as that usually puts me in a happier mood and helps shift my mindset. I was given a prescription for tablets, but wanted to see if I could work on it myself after finally accepting and realising it was okay to say I have anxiety. 

Where I hope to go from here..

From now, I want to work more on my mindset and self care, remembering to say thank you to those around me and to be gentle with myself. I have decided I am wanting to get back into posting once a week, though I wont have a set day for this – I don’t want to add pressure onto myself, and feel like if I missed a set day, I would feel crappy and spiral! 

I’m really going to try looking at more lifestyle and foodie posts, when I’m not travelling all the time, it will be nice to experiment and see what types of posts people like to see from me. I want to also be more active on Instagram, until today I hadn’t posted since about 5 weeks ago… Oops!

In the nearby future I’d love to have a review at my blog and have a bit of a re-brand. In the distant future, I’d also like to start some sort of YouTube channel, though I’m probably not going to start releasing until after Christmas, so I don’t have too much on my plate at once.

Thank you!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! Thank you for taking the time and bothering to read my ramblings! It feels sooo good to get back into writing a post (especially when I’m not bothering with SEO and all other blogger type things!)

Elle Louise




  • Alice V

    I’m glad you’re out there having fun and living life! Blogging is such a journey! My own blog has gone through makeovers through the years and it apart of growing and finding what works for you.

  • Chloe Drury

    It’s lovely to have you back gal! I’m sorry you’ve not had the easiest of times lately but glad to see things are on the up and so looking forward to what the future hold for your blog and whatever else you venture into!

    Chloe x

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Thank you so much lovely!!! Means the world xx

  • Megan

    Elle! The most important thing is that you’re having fun and feeling better (glad you are!!)
    Your blog will be fine – and think of all the great things you’ll have to write about after spending times with your friends!
    Great Halloween outfits! xx

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