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Favourite Travel Content Creators – 2018

I haven’t recently written so much on my blog, (read my life update here!) though I have lots of exciting content coming soon! Here are my favourite travel content creators of the year, including bloggers, youtubers and influencers. There are so many I could name, but I’m wanting to focus on the travel creatives that have motivated me, inspired me and the ones I think deserve more recognition!

Aimsy from Aimsy’s Antics

I met Aimsy a few months ago at a blogger event, though I had been following her and reading her blog for a long time! Aimsy’s blog is full of exciting travel stories and tips, as well as great additions of lifestyle and recipes too! As well as this, Aimsy’s Instagram is so bright and colourful, showing off all her latest adventures! 

Visit Aimsy here;

Montelle from I Am Montelle

Montelle’s YouTube channel and Instagram are the biggest motivation for me. Seeing her work so hard on these two platforms really has inspired me to try reaching out to different platforms. Montelle clearly works hard at what she does, with great solo travel tips she shows in vlogs, but also covers great lifestyle and mental health topics in her videos. Her Instagram is a dream, so make sure you check it out below. 

Visit Montelle here;

Rebecca from Bexcapades

Rebecca’s blog was one of the first I looked at when I was planning on starting mind, I found her full of inspiration. Currently on her travels around Australia, I love looking at her blog for ideas for when I go. Rebecca also has a range of posts looking at travelling with anxiety and how it has effect her, as well as tips, which I personally love. Rebecca works incredibly hard, and also offers advertising packages you should check out – I was lucky enough to win her Gold Month Long package, during which, I saw a huge surge in engagement!

Visit Rebecca here:

Elle from Elle Goes Global

Only starting her blog a few months ago, Elle has a great blog, full of fab travel tips, stories and inspiration. As well as having a great blog, I have personally noticed Elle to be one of the most supportive bloggers out there, always RT’ing, liking, commenting, as well as making sure she is creating great content herself. She is active across all platforms, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. I really believe Elle is a great blogger to connect with!

Visit Elle here:

Connect, Inspire & Create – Travel Content Creators

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite travel content creators, bloggers and influencers! I’ve really enjoyed writing this post, and would love to look at creating more of these style posts in a collective called ‘Connect, Inspire & Create’ where I collaborate with & celebrate other travel content creators that I love!

Elle Louise




  • Elle

    Great post Elle thanks for sharing 🙂 some more fantastic bloggers for me to look into

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      They are all great, including yourself!

  • Aimsy

    Aww! Thanks for including me in your list Elle!
    I will be working my way through your list and following the others…if I’m not already!
    Keep up the great work! Love posts like these.
    Looking forward to the Travel and Connect Event in a few weeks, and seeing what you have planned! 😁😁

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