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10 Reasons To Travel As Much As You Can

Some of my favourite reasons to travel as much as you can. Disclaimer. In this post I am in no way saying that you should quit everything and travel full time. What I am saying though, is do try and travel as much as you can. If you work full time (like me!) and whether you have a long weekend off, or 3 weeks off from your job, you should use them to travel. Here’s why.

1. Perspective

Travelling to new and different places helps to give us perspective. Whether it’s looking at others around you and realising that the problems you have and think are the worst, could actually be extremely minor in the grand scheme of things. Or it could be realising that by not spending £3.50 a day, for 5 days, on pre-work coffees means that you have just under £20 more in your pocket for your travels (which is easily the price of a semi-decent AirBnB in most places, or is a great amount for a meal out). 

2. New Experiences

Travelling, whether to a new city, country or continent , will always be full of new experiences. It might be new views, new cultures, new foods. New experiences, whatever they may be, will open your eyes to new ideas, which may help you in your everyday life, be it understanding more about people, or understanding more about yourself! 

3. Challenges

Whether you travel solo, with your partner or with friends and family, challenges will always arise during your trips. This isn’t to say they’re bad! Completing a hike you thought you would never be able too, finding your way to a sight when you don’t speak the native language (ok google maps & smart phones have made this a little easier) or trying new cuisines you didn’t think you would ever try. All these things have great pay-outs if you look at it in the right way! I even had my passport, bank card, cash and paper work stolen the day I was supposed to leave Greece, but I honestly believe this has made me less of an anxious traveller – read more about that here.

reasons to travel

4. Food

Food and travelling go hand in hand. The more places you go, the more exciting food you’ll be able to try. Personally this is a highlight for me and J when we go to new places; to try as much food as we possibly can! New York was a particular highlight for me, the wings, milkshakes, waffles.. (read about it all here) And I’m really excited to try the food in my future travels – Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Austrilasia etc. Food is easily one of  my favourite reasons to travel! 

5. Culture

Personally, growing up in a small British seaside town, learning about new cultures really interests me. Whether this is because I didn’t have much experience of different cultures when I was younger I’m not sure. But now I’m older I’m determined to change that, and I think it’s really important to learn as much about others and their cultures as possible, something that travelling can really help to achieve. 

6. Education

I don’t mean education as in a degree; I mean education in terms of politics, history, religion etc. It really opened my eyes visiting America, both San Francisco and New York, as I learn’t so much about the history and events that had happened that were really important to those places. The history and politics behind Alcatraz, how the Statue of Liberty was built and why this was a momentous event for so many. Travelling to new places really helps learn more and more, which is never a bad thing!

reasons to travel - York

7. Learn about YOU

Talking about learning, travelling helps you learn about yourself. How you react to certain problems, new foods you never knew you liked, new ways of thinking. It can sound a little cliche, especially when people say they’ve been travelling and ‘found themselves’ but I think there is a lot to be said for putting yourself into new and unknown situations, and working out how behave! Or maybe that’s just comes from my psychology degree..? Either way, it’s one of many great reasons to travel.

8. People

One thing that will happen lots and lots when you travel is meeting new people. You might find a new friend in your AirBnB host, the people at your hostel, or simply make friends with other travellers when you’re out and about. I still to this day remember the waiters that were extra kind to my family on our holidays to Turkey, and the other teenagers my age (at the time). You never know who you will meet!

9. Self-Assurance

Self-Assurance was huge for me whenever I go travelling, repeat after me *you can do it, you can do it* no matter what it is. For example, getting my belongings stolen in Greece really took its toll at the time, a lot of stress and worry, but looking back, now I think, I’ve been through all that, and I was okay. I got home safe, yes, it was a day late and about £300 worse off that I had planned, but I was safe. Since then, this has made me so much calmer when travelling, as I am able to think back and remember that I got through the worse thing (other than injury) that can happen when you’re abroad.

reasons to travel

10. The World is Beautiful

The world is beautiful. Sure you can see pictures on Instagram, and watch documentaries about different places, but nothing will beat seeing those views for yourself. There is so much of the world to see, and it is all breathtaking in it’s own way. It would be a shame not to see as much as possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading my favourite reasons to travel. I personally try and get out and about as much as possible, whether I explore a nearby city for the day on a weekend, or have a week off and go to somewhere further afield. Seeing the world is all I’ve ever wanted, and I can wait until my travels start in September 2019!

Elle Louise




  • EleanorLGriffiths

    Yeah, it’s one of the biggest things I’ve seen change once I started travelling to different places! x

  • Molly

    Love this gal, love seeing your new posts! Yes to all of the above but especially food and people! I am saying this starving so it doesn’t help but food is the best part of travelling I swear! xo

  • Amita

    I love this post! You get to learn so much while travelling, I honestly think it’s such an enriching experience. Life’s too short to say no to travel x

  • Really nice post! I love travelling

  • Magalys

    I love your list! Every word is true. I’m planning a trip to London this summer and hopefully it’ll come to fruition.

  • Charlotte

    Agree with all of these – travel is so important! It’s not just about a ‘holiday’ which all my friends seem to think when I’m constantly looking for my next place to explore but so much more – it really helps you grow as a person. Love this! x

  • Alicia

    Great reminders on how traveling can be such a life changing experience.
    Just going to the next town or city can give you a whole new perspective.

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