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Celebrate with bakerdays Letterbox Cakes

bakerdays letterbox cake

Earlier this month, bakerdays reached out to me to collaborate with them – and who am I to say no to reviewing a cake! Especially a cake that can be delivered through your letterbox. I personally think this is a great idea, and a lovely way to celebrate with friends or family on their special occasions, especially if you can’t be there yourself! Read on to learn what I thought about bakerdays letterbox cakes! 

bakerdays sent me a letterbox cake in return for an honest review, which is what you will find below! 

Ordering & Delivery

The idea of a letterbox cake is pretty simple, but not one I had heard of before. The bakerdays website is full of different themes for letterbox cakes, most of which you are able to personalise with text or images, meaning you will be able to find something for every occasion. I was able to even find one suitable to celebrate the re-brand of my blog! The choice of cake ‘flavour’ was great too, even with options for gluten free and dairy free, which I thought was great and inclusive. 

The delivery was simple and easy, I live in a flat and picked it up from my letterbox after work (best gift to go home too!) My bakerdays letterbox cake was in perfect condition when it arrived, I was slightly concerned how it would be safe during transportation but it was really well packed. The only thing that I was a little disappointed about was the use of plastic, although there really wasn’t much. Perhaps something to consider for the future would be the use of corrugated cardboard or something else recyclable.

EDIT: After speaking to bakerdays, they made me aware that all the material is actually recyclable and they are constantly looking how to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The bakerdays letterbox cake

When the cake arrived I was really excited to see that it came packed in a really cute small metal tin, that said ‘just for you’ in gold. Me and J are now going to be using this for when we bake cookies/biscuits! The cake itself was beautiful, the colours were really vibrant and my image of choice (my logo) was beautifully clear. I had chosen chocolate cake, though this was a really difficult choice and I nearly picked victoria sponge! The cake itself was perfect, and the icing to cake ratio was great, J was a huge fan.

Final thoughts

I LOVED this idea, and had never heard of such an simple and easy cake delivering service. To say the cake fits in a letterbox, I was impressed by the size! The choices of cake and cake design on the website are great, and I honestly would suggest trying it out if you have a occasion or just want to treat someone.

Elle Louise




  • Alice V

    OMG I’ve been wanting to try this brand of cake for the last year ever since I first heard of it. Unfortunately not available in the USA though. Bummer. I love what they did with your cake, looks so pretty.

    • EleanorLGriffiths

      Thanks Alice! It’s a fab idea isn’t it! X

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