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Goals & Affirmations for 2019

This post is all about my goals and affirmations for 2019. I am going to have 3 goals and 3 affirmations that I ‘live’ by this year. I’m not going to call these ‘resolutions’ as I always find resolutions to be restrictive such as ‘I will cut out alcohol’ or ‘I will loose weight’ or ‘I wont eat takeaways’. Also, the fact I haven’t ever stuck to a resolution I’ve made before makes me apprehensive to make them!


1. To TRY more

To try new food, to try new cultures, to try and try and try. Try to save money, try my best to help others. To try and be more tidy, and to try and be the best person I can be. And if I fail at something, to try again.

2. To be more CONSISTENT

I plan on trying to be more consistent in all aspects of my life. From blogging & posting on my social media, to making sure I’m going to bed etc. where possible at the same time! I personally become a lot more comfortable when I have a routine and so would love to become more consistent in my day-to-day routine too.


I want to make sure I work harder at saving especially, as I also have my big round the world trip with J starting in September this year (!!!) so need to save as much as possible! I also want to work harder at my blog and the content that I create!



I will not stress about things out of my control


I am successful in everything I do


I am thankful for who I am and what I have

I chose these 3 affirmations as I recently have realised I spend FAR too much time worried about things that are not in my control, things that I cannot change even if they go wrong! I also am determined to believe in myself more, and not let doubts creep in. Also, everyday I think it’s important to look how fortunate I am. I have a roof over my head, a job and a loving family, I want to start being a lot more grateful this year for what I sometimes used to take slightly for granted.

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Elle Louise




  • Alice v

    I think you have some great goals and affirmations. You should write down in more detail what your goals entail so that you remind yourself exactly what you’re doing it all for and never loose sight of it. Good luck on your adventures this year.

  • Lola

    Your affiramtions are great – I may have to get some of those myself!

    Lola Mia x

  • Magalys

    I love how you added affirmations along with your goals. Best of luck in the new year!

  • Victoria

    This is such a great, uplifting post! Best of luck to you in 2019 ✨

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