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Gourmet Popcorn Treats with Popcorn Shed

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Popcorn Shed sent me some gourmet popcorn treats to try, including some pretty interesting flavours I had never seen before! They sent me some treats to try in exchange for a honest review – which is what you will find below. I was thoroughly impressed with the array of flavours and the popcorn itself!

The good thing about Popcorn Shed’s treats is that they are suitable for vegetarians! I absolutely loved the Pecan Pie and Berry-licious flavours, though they were all great! I didn’t think I would enjoy the flavours like Say Cheese and Sweet Cheesus but I was honestly surprised at how nice they were! It’s also a bonus they are gluten free too, so if you have an intolerance, they would be a great snack!

Popcorn Taste & Packaging

I love that the larger packs of popcorn come in packaging that looks like a mini shed, I thought this was really great branding, as well as being really unique! The colours of the other packaging were great, and the reds/pinks fit perfectly with my new brand identity – so definitely expect pictures on the ‘gram soon enough!

Something else I thought was nice, was that most of the smaller packs of popcorn explained they were just 120 calories. Though I don’t personally count calories, it’s nice to see as I am trying to be a little more conscious of what I eat! These packs are the perfect snack size, and I thoroughly enjoyed brightening up my day having them during my work breaks!

Really Gourmet Popcorn Treats

Another thing, which might not be the biggest of deal to most, but really helped me enjoy this snack even more was that there was no un-popped kernels. I hate when you go to the cinema or get microwaveable popcorn and there are those hard un-popped kernels at the bottom! It really made this treat gourmet for me!

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the gourmet popcorn treats from Popcorn Shed, and think they would make a great little present for someone special. If you’re a popcorn fan, they also have a popcorn subscription service and do large glass jars of popcorn that I’m already eyeing up to treat myself!

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  • highlands2hammocks

    Haven’t heard of this company before but they look really good. I like the sound of the Berry-licious 🙂 Some other interesting flavours there too!

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