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Why you should collaborate with other bloggers more this year

Collaborate with bloggers

I really enjoy working with other bloggers, whether this is online or meeting up and helping each other to create content. It really is great to work with other in a collaborative way, you can help each other in different areas that you each are stronger in. You can motivate and hold each other accountable. But even more importantly, you can inspire each other. Here are ways and reasons you should collaborate with other bloggers more.

Collaborate with other bloggers online

Collaborating with bloggers online can really help with lots in terms of your blog; Domain Authority (DA), views, SEO and all sorts of other ‘blog bits’. I used quite often reach out to others to guest post on each other sites, or allow others to guest post on my site when I’m swamped. This worked really well as it was for mutual benefit, either we both could write on each others sites, therefore generating links back etc. OR, if I was swamped and had no time to get a post out, allowing someone else to post for me as I am therefore still getting content out and they are getting links back which can turn into new readers & views for them as well as helping with DA. I definitely need to get back into this myself!

Have a look at my post from Catriona as a great example.

Collaborate with other bloggers in person

As we all know, blogging isn’t just about writing. It’s about images/photos, techy stuff like coding, promoting your blog, social media etc. the list honestly is endless. This can all seem slightly overwhelming when you’re trying to figure it out yourself. That’s why I LOVE meeting up with bloggers that have a similar mindset in my area, and there can be so many benefits of doing so! Such as; pictures taken for your social media (below are lots that Montelle from took for me). Helping each other with techy bits like coding, good apps for scheduling, swapping tips for increasing DA, good cameras etc. Also, things like myself and Montelle will let each other know when there is a blogger event or opportunity we think would be good for each other to check out!

Useful Tip!

Use hashtags for bloggers in your location on instagram to find bloggers near you like
# leedsbloggers # londonbloggers etc.

Collaboration is SO important

It’s so important that as bloggers and content creators, we support each other. If we are to succeed we need to push and advocate ourselves as well as others and therefore not see each other as competition, but as a community.

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Elle Louise




  • Alice V-DIYerfy

    Great tips Elle! I agree that blogging is more of a social field than anything else as collaborating with other bloggers is almost a necessity in order to connect with other people who understand what you want to achieve with your blog or can give you insights into the blogging world that can greatly help you. It’s a very ‘give and take’ community that helps all. That’s one of the reasons why I started hosting a blog hop, to share and find new blogs to collab with and at the same time, they all get to leave a link with me each week. Cheers!

  • Kelly Figueiredo

    Thank you so much for the tips. I’m going to get started on this for 2019.

  • Pushpanjali Roy

    Last year I collaborated with a few amazing bloggers and was so overwhelmed with all the love and support they showered💕. This year I am planning to meet up with some in my city. Thanks for sharing this post Elle. 🤗


  • Rio

    We agree that blogging is all about community and are planning on a lot more collaborations this year. We’d also love to meet up with more bloggers in the UK in person. Hopefully we can make it along to some conventions which will help with networking.


  • sandisiwe

    My blog is still a young baby learning to crawl, almost hitting the year mark. I have been looking to collaborate with some bloggers will definitely need to start engaging with a few.

  • Under Flowery Sky

    Thanks for helpful tip.

  • Christopher

    Thanks for the tips! We totally agree!!

  • silvia

    I love the idea behind this post, because I truly believe in collaboration over competition. There’s no way you can’t learn something new and interesting from another person in your field, just as you cann teach them something. I would love to meet more bloggers in my city though, but Amsterdam is not as huge as the UK or the US blogging-wise. Ow maybe I just need to search harder 😀

  • Abby | theMomCorner

    Great post! I definitely agree that collaboration is very important. Both to benefit each other and for the community aspect as well!

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