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Valentine’s Day gift guide 2019 – 3 ideas for perfect Valentine’s Day gifts

My first ever Valentine’s Day gift guide 2019 – how exciting! I have three perfect valentines day gifts that were kindly gifted to me by three great companies. There is something for everyone in this Valentine’s Day gift guide!

Valentine’s Day gift 1 – Vanilla Reindeer

Valentine's Day gift guide 2019 - 3 ideas for perfect Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine's Day gift guide 2019 - 3 ideas for perfect Valentine's Day gifts

Vanilla Reindeer are a company that specialises in personalised packaging – I LOVED their range of designs for Valentines Day. There really was something for everyone, ranging from lighthearted to very romantic! I also loved that I could personalise them with not only text but images too – this was a great bonus and added a lovely extra.

The website was so easy to use, I made up my three designs in about 10-15 minutes, most of which was spent choosing which designs to use! With quick delivery – the bag, wine bottle box and the box of truffles are all extremely well made, and I can tell they will last a long time. The truffles were gorgeous and I would definitley get more than the box of 9 next time, they are so moreish!

I think it’s important to think about the packaging too – especially when it can make the gift extra special. Use code LOVE30PR for 30% off!

Valentine’s Day gift 2 – Vela Flowers

These flowers were honestly the most beautiful, and most interesting blooms I have ever received. They come from Vela Flowers which is a company based in York, and this bouquet fitted through my postbox! This is a great way to receive flowers if you work and wont be in during delivery times. I also really loved the fact I got to arrange them how I wanted, there was something great about pretending to be a florist for a while (and I think I did quite a good job too!)

These beautiful blooms are the Vela Valentine’s Bouquet and have lasted ages so far! I also love that they do the traditional 12 red roses. These blooms would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and if you don’t have a vase at home, they have a gorgeous clear one you can also order online.

Valentine’s Day Gift 3 – Tiger Gin

Always one of my personal favourite gifts to receive – gin! Tiger Gin, a gin company based in Shropshire, England, have recently brought out their Ruby Gin. This gin is made from British rhubarb and other botanicals, and is a perfect match with rose lemonade and ginger. Though, I thoroughly enjoyed mine with regular tonic also. I love that it’s not too sweet unlike some pink gins these days, it’s just the right amount of sweetness and sharpness – for me anyway.

Tiger Gin has won more than 5 awards for their gin, most of which are international awards, so it’s fair to say they know what they’re doing!

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Elle Louise




  • Jess

    These are really cute gifts! I love the flower idea and they look so bright and gorgeous!

    I also absolutely love rhubarb gin, it seems to be the new craze!! But I prefer it with lemonade as I think you can taste more with it!

    Great post, love the gifts!

    (coffee and corfu)

  • Juliet

    Love these Valentines gift ideas. I really hope I get something like this. I asked my boyfriend to at least get me a bottle of Pink Moscato. Haha!

    But every girl deserves flowers and some wine or gin on Valentines Day.


  • Andrea

    I love the flower bouquet! Much prettier than the basic Valentine’s rose bouquet!

  • Kellie

    These are such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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