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The Future of

the future of

Honestly, this post is a difficult one to write – the past few months have been difficult and quite trying for me. BUT – I strongly believe I have become a better version of myself since. I’m more confident, happy in myself, I have more focus and I am now ready to see what the future holds. Bit of a chit chatty post coming your way!


I would like to just quickly apologise for my radio silence over the past few months – I haven’t posted since May! So a big thank you to everyone for being patient with me! Break ups aren’t the easiest, but now I can see it was definitely for the best.

What I’ve been up too…

So once I was at peace with the fact I wasn’t going travelling this year, which was a difficult pill to swallow, I re-focused. I applied for my Masters in The Psychology of Health and Wellbeing, which I start this September. Since leaving my job at the end of the school year in July, I packed up my flat – and have no technically been homeless for the last month! However, I’ve been to Montpellier in France, Split in Croatia, I’m currently visiting family in Brighton before I head to Albufeira in Portugal! I’ve decided not to do a specific post on each of these places, though I might do a roundup post of all 3!

The future..

As I will now be studying, I’ve decided that will turn to focus more towards student lifestyle, food and as I am studying wellbeing – it’ll obviously make sense for me to do a lot on tha! Also, I will still be going to a few different places for long weekends away here and there, so there will still be an element of travel! I already have a great event for eShores coming up in September so I can’t wait to get back to what I do best!

Elle Louise




  • Sunshine Sarah

    Hey Ellie

    Sorry to hear about the break up & the not travelling. I’m sure the world will come to you one day soon my love. ☀🌍
    Good luck with your Masters tho! That will be amazing! 🙌🙌🎓🎉
    Looking forward to all your new content. 😎😍
    Love Sarah xo

  • Jasmine Burke

    Sounds like you’ve been away a bunch – I love that! Looking forward to seeing all your student content!

    Jas xx |

  • Hannah

    Yay excited to have you back my lovely! You’ve bounced back from a tough time so well and you look so happy and fabulous 🙂
    Can’t wait for our meet up to hear all about your plans for the blog and about your travels! Xxx

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