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Gaston Luga: An Everyday Bag with a CLÄSSY Look

The generous team at Gaston Luga sent me over a rucksack to try out on a gifted basis! All the thoughts I have are still completely my own.

Who is Gaston Luga?

Gaston Luga are based in Stockholm, Sweden and pride themselves on being as sustainable as possible. They use vegan leather which is a pro, as I don’t agree on the use of animal products in fashion. They also ensure that all their materials are carefully sourced and that they apply with EU regulations. Gaston Luga try to use the most effective transportation alternatives when thinking about their carbon footprint.


The backpack I was sent was the gorgeous CLÄSSY bag. Made from vegan leather and cotton canvas, it looks luxury whilst still being able to match it with everyday outfits. I personally love the vegan leather drawstring under the top flap. This means all your belongings will stay securely in the bag, no matter what activities you are doing!

There is a great pocket in the back, easily big enough for a laptop, or just for separating items! I often put my purse and headphones in here to make it easier to find as I use those the most. On top of this, there is a great little pocket on the back of the rucksack. This is great for valuables such as keys and passports etc.

Why Gaston Luga?

At the moment, you can use my code ELLELOUISE15 for 15% off your purchase. Also, they are currently doing a great deal where you get a free Arlig travel bag with every purchase!

Elle Louise



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