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Organising in January

I recently wrote a post on how I like to refocus in January, and I think when we do this, it’s also important to reorganise things around us. Think about it; new mindset and drives deserves to have a good environment to flourish! Here are some of the ways I like to reorganise in January and they’re simple things you can do too.

Looking at the year ahead

I love to do alsorts to reorganise in January the first being to check over my diary and fill out all the events, birthdays and plans I have for the year to come. I love to colour code with highlighters, like university stuff, blog stuff and birthdays all have different colours. The diary I’ve got an absolutely love is the Moleskine 18-month weekly notebook planner, it was suggested to me by friends and I’ve not looked back since!

Sorting out my wardrobe

As I’m currently living in student accomodation, I have minimal storage space for clothes, and I always end up having far too many! I try to get rid of ones I haven’t worn in the past few months (by giving them to charity), though this can be hard when they might be perfect for summer. If that’s the case, I don’t get rid, so I’m not tempted to buy more in the summer. I just store the items I don’t wear as much under my bed meaning I have more space and my clothes don’t fall on me every time I open my wardrobe! I usually do this seasonally to swap my winter clothes with my summer clothes.


I always do one large clean when reorganising in January. This means antibac is my best friend, I move everything and clean *under stuff* rather than just around things. Another massive thing I do is clean my plants; I currently have 1 large, 4 medium and 3 small house plants in my room, and when they have dusty leaves (which happens more often than you realise) this can make it harder for them to photosynthesise and can make them unhappy! I try to do this at least once a month, just with a clean dusting cloth, and maybe a touch of water if needed.

Monthly Budget

I’m really not the best with money, often spending more than I need too. However, recently I’ve found a new found love for budgeting and it has massively helped me. I feel so much less stress knowing where my finances are going and even how much to save to do the things I want too. Personally, I use my card where possible so I can see what I’m spending on my online banking apps. I also have round ups enabled on my Monzo account, which makes it loads easier to tot up spendings, but is also a great way of saving! Monzo is great as it also gives you a notification every time you spend money, and also shows you the total spent that day.

I budget using a spreadsheet and simply put in my known income, then known costs each month e.g. phone bill/netflix etc. I then colour code green for necessities I didn’t know the cost of or couldn’t predict e.g. food shops and birthday presents. Orange for things I could of done without e.g. meal out with friends and red for unnecessary expenditures e.g. ANOTHER little black dress when I already have 4 in my wardrobe. I usually do this once every couple of days so it’s not too much like hard work. I then use this to see where I could save more next month and to set goals for the orange and red coded spends!

These are just 4 important things I do for reorganising in January, I would love to know if you guys have any reorganisation tips or tricks too! So please let me know in the comments and let 2020 become our most organised year yet.

Elle Louise



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