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Student Essentials for 2020 – with Greatness Reinvented

Greatness Reinvented Laptop Case

Since September I’ve been back at university and studying my MSc in The Psychology of Health and Wellbeing. Being slightly older now than when I started my BSc, I’ve got a new mindset and regard for organisation and keeping on track with my work. Here are some of my favourite essentials for being productive and motivated at university.

Laptop Case – Greatness Reinvented

Luckily for me, I was looking for a new laptop case when Greatness Reinvented reached out to me. This item was gifted, and I must say, I’m really impressed. Firstly, I like that there are two size choices, I got the bigger of the two. This was so I was able to also fit in my notebook and diary and a few pens for lectures. There were loads of gorgeous designs but I loved this one which was simple coral marble. The inside of the laptop case is really soft meaning it won’t cause harm to your laptop. It’s also really good value for money, it’s really padded without being chunky so still fits in bags. I love using the case to keep all my things for lectures in. I can just pop the whole thing in my bag and know I’m prepared for the day ahead!

Diary – Moleskine Weekly Planner

I also have a great diary which helps me keep track of my day as well as create notes/lists. The one I got is for the for the academic year, September 2019 – Sept 2020. However, you can get a 12 month or 18 month one starting from January. I got mine with a hard cover and in pink (obviously) and will link it here. I use different highlighters (pastel ones are my favourite!) for different sections of my week. It’s split into sections such as university stuff, birthdays/family and ‘other’. My Diary goes with me EVERYWHERE, and make sure I look through it every morning to remind myself of what is going on that week.

General Stationary

Some people think it’s a little childish but I LOVE my pencil case. I have about 6 highlighters, 15 coloured fineliners, 5 coloured biros and a few plain black biros. Having this all in one case means I can easily just throw this in a bag and be ready for lectures or going to do work. When I was doing my BSc I would spend ages just trying to find a single black biro, and now I don’t have that stress. I always know I’m going to be prepared. I love having all the different colours so I can break up notes as I love things being visual when I’m revising.

These are the three things I’ve used to help make my uni life easier, and therefore motivate me… and take away unnecessary stress. I’ve found a little bit of pre-planning makes things so much easier, and if things are colour coded or all in one place it really helps!

Elle Louise




  • MakeupMuddle

    I love that laptop case, it’s so cute! Normally laptop cases are really bland and boring, but yours is so pretty and I would be less likely to lose my laptop xo

    Makeup Muddle

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