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If you love lifestyle, food inspo and a little bit of travel, you’re in the right place!

Launched in May 2018, came to life as a creative space for me, Elle, to write about primarily lifestyle, with a side order of food and travel.

September 2019 saw me begin to study my Masters in The Psychology of Health and Wellbeing and I have just applied for my PhD in Education Psychology.

The dream is still to travel the world!

Who Am I?

I was a teaching assistant, and I LOVED my job! I worked with 60 children, Monday-Friday, so believe me when I say it was tiring! Armed with my degree in Psychology with Counselling, I knew I would end up working in education! In fact, my mother and grandma are/were teachers their whole lives, and they told me I would be when I grew up. However, wanting to prove them wrong and break the mould, I took a degree in Psychology with Counselling, and guess which sub-section of my degree was my favourite…? Yep, you guessed it, Educational Psychology. So here I am, going back to University with the hope of applying for my PhD to start in 2020.

How I first realised I wanted to Travel!

The first big holiday I remember going on was over to Ireland, my step-dad (who I call Dad as he’s been my father figure for about a gazillion years) had family over there. We didn’t even fly, we drove the long 4 hours to the ferry port, got to stretch our legs on the ferry and then had a long 4 hour drive down to Clonakilty, in County Cork, to see my Auntie and Cousins. That’s the first time I remember feeling the joy of being truly free, as an 8 year old driving in a car looking at the beautiful scenery. (I later got stuck in quick sand – but that’s not the point.)

Since then I’ve travelled to many places, from all around the U.K to Tanzania and America!

Got some questions? Feel free to contact me here! I reply to every email personally so am able to answer any questions you have!

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