I often get a lot of questions about the same things, myself, travel etc., so I thought I would answer some FAQs!

Where are you from?

So, I’m from Scarborough, a small seaside town in England. You can find out more about myself and my background on my About Elle page, where I talk about myself, my trips and my plans for the future! As well as why I started this blog!

What are your favourite 3 countries to travel too?

So this is a really tough one – my top three that I have been too must be – Tanzania, France and Turkey, not necessarily in that order! The top three I am excited to go too are – Sri-Lanka, Indonesia and Fiji! You can find out more about my future travel plans here!

How are you saving for your future travels and round the world trip?

So, I’m currently saving with my boyfriend for our Round the World (RTW) trip, we found it difficult starting straight away,¬† however, we now are able to save at least ¬£500 a month together, and we don’t have the best incomes – I outline how we do this on mu ‘How to save for a round the world trip – 3 easy ideas!’ which you can read here. Ideas I outline on this post go from sorting out our household bills and making them cheaper, to putting all our change in our ‘adventure fund’ box!

I want to become a travel blogger like you, any words of wisdom?

This one always makes me laugh, as I’m not entirely sure how I managed this myself! However, I am always happy to give advice, though I can only speak from my own experience! Fell free to contact me here and ask me anything around this subject!

Anything else you want to ask me, feel free to contact me and ask away, I reply to all emails personally so it may take a couple of days, but I will get back to you!



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