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If you love budget travel tips, food inspo and a little bit of lifestyle, you’re in the right place!

Launched in May 2018, came to life as a creative space for me, Elle, to write about primarily travel, with a side order of food and lifestyle, outside of my 9-5. 

September 2019 will see me embark on a round the world trip with my partner, J, and through all sorts of countries! We don’t have a particular time-scale but know it is going to take us at least a year, if not longer!

The dream is to travel the world – but who’s isn’t these days?

Who Am I?

When I’m not travelling, I am a teaching assistant, and I LOVE my job! I work with 60 children, Monday-Friday, so believe me when I say it’s tiring! I wouldn’t change it for the world though, and even armed with my degree in Psychology with Counselling, I knew I would end up working in education! In fact, my mother and grandma are/were teachers their whole lives, and they told me I would be when I grew up. However, wanting to prove them wrong and break the mould, I took a degree in Psychology with Counselling, and guess which sub-section of my degree was my favourite…? Yep, you guessed it, Educational Psychology. So here I am, working a crazy tiring job, on a super low wage, but absolutely loving every second.

How I first realised I wanted to Travel!

The first big holiday I remember going on was over to Ireland, my step-dad (who I call Dad as he’s been my father figure for about a gazillion years) had family over there. We didn’t even fly, we drove the long 4 hours to the ferry port, got to stretch our legs on the ferry and then had a long 4 hour drive down to Clonakilty, in County Cork, to see my Auntie and Cousins. That’s the first time I remember feeling the joy of being truly free, as an 8 year old driving in a car looking at the beautiful scenery. (I later got stuck in quick sand – but that’s not the point.)

Since then I’ve travelled to many places, from all around the U.K to Tanzania and America!

My plans for the future!

As most people, I want to be able to travel the world full time. However, I do believe I need to come back to reality every so often as I love my job far too much to just say good bye! I’m currently saving up with my partner J, to go on our first year long Round the World trip together consisting of – Athens (Greece), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hong Kong, Turkey, Germany – but hopefully more too! Find out more about how we are saving for this here!

Got some questions? Feel free to contact me here! I reply to every email personally so am able to answer any questions you have!

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